Floteak Material Properties



Real teak is becoming less and less of a realistic choice for boat decking on production boats as prices escalate, and quality and availability dwindles. Floteak is a natural alternative product and perfect for cockpit seats, cockpit floors etc.

Composite Construction

Floteak is a product composed of a mixture of Cork Granules and Rubber which has been compressed into 1 metre wide sheets. Floteak is distributed on a 3m x 1m sheet and rolled into a pack of 4 in either plain or grooved form. By cutting 2mm caulking grooves at 50mm intervals and filling with caulking product it is possible to create traditionally styled panels. This can be used to create both margined or un-margined panels. Curved margins can be fabricated into more intricate panels by hand. Alternatively, it is possible to create caulking channel designs on the panel using simple CNC machinery including logos etc. 

Material Maintenance

Floteak is a non slip decking product that is always comfortable to walk on in any weather

The panels are like other natural products and do require a little maintenance to maintain appearances so it is important to oil the product when required with our recommended oil.

UV stable when oiled. Looks like teak decking after oiling. It is both resistant to impact and flexible. Other beneficial properties include thermal insulation reducing condensation and sound insulation reducing that unwanted engine noise. The material is also lightweight for easy transportatation.